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Enhanced Rider Scheme

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS)

In March 2020 I qualified to be an ERS Trainer. This was no easy task and included having to take various test papers, a hazard perception test (something completely new to me!), as well as being assessed on my riding and skills as a motorcycle trainer. I successfully completed the RoSPA Diploma part of the process in February 2020 and the last part of the process in March.

So what is the Enhanced Rider Scheme?

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Enhanced Rider Scheme checks your motorcycle riding skills and provides training to help you improve. Although there is no test, the DVSA issue 'certificates of competence' which are recognised by numerous insurance companies meaning you may be able to get discounts on motorcycle insurance once you’ve successfully completed the scheme. (see below)

You can take the Enhanced Rider Scheme if you’re a fully licensed motorcyclist and have passed your test. The scheme is suitable if you:

1 - have just passed your test

2 - are returning to riding after a break

3 - are upgrading to a more powerful motorcycle

4 - want to check your riding standard.

How the scheme works

  1. You’ll first have a rider assessment with an expert trainer. You’ll ride in different road and traffic conditions. The ride will be long enough for your trainer to make a good assessment of your skills. If this shows you don’t need more training you’ll get a ‘DVSA certificate of competence’ straight away. Otherwise, you’ll get personalised training to improve your skills and get the certificate at the end of your training. The DVSA certificate of competence gives you discounts with most motorcycle insurers. The type of training depends on what you need to brush up on. You might be offered all-day courses or shorter sessions.

I am very pleased to have obtained this qualification as it now means I am a recognised and accredited trainer for all post test training organisations including the DVSA, Enhanced Rider Scheme, Police BikeSafe, RoSPA, IAM Roadsmart and Diamond.

For more information about the Enhanced Rider Scheme please go to

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