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A Look Back at February 2019

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Well, February started off with snow and sleet but then turned into tropical like temperatures......well OK, not quite, but it did turn out to be the warmest on record !

The mild temperatures were very favourable for bike training and Phil and Jim took full advantage as they progress towards taking their IAM Masters Test.

Phil on his Multi Strada had 4 sessions with me, and as he is now 'test ready' we covered plenty of miles in his final session, in fact we managed 150 around the Yorkshire Dales finest.

Jim had his second session with me in February and progress is going very well. Lots of people commented on his uniquely coloured GSA.

When not out training, I spent as many days as possible putting miles on my new bike. Those who read last months 'looking back' will know I bought a new GSA Rallye. I collected the bike on the 4th February from Barrie Robson BMW at York. It's the fourth bike I've had from them and yet again they excelled with their customer service. It was almost a pleasure to part with so much money !

Here's me collecting the bike.

On the magazine front, I managed another little mention in RiDE magazine, they published an article on BMWs GS/GSA range and I popped up giving an owners opinion.

I'm very pleased to say it's now a year since I began two great associations with two well known and well respected local main dealers, Miles Kingsport Honda of Hull and Barrie Robson BMW of York.

Both have been a great support over the last 12 months and I am proud to continue our association and continue to offer a 10% discount to their customers.

The photos are from February 2018, one with Managing Director Tim Wade of Miles Kingsport and the other is with Director Kevin Fairburn of Barrie Robson BMW and we sealed the 'association' with a hand shake.

And finally, as I said earlier, I traded my GSA Iconic in for a new GSA Rallye, but when waying up the deal and various options, I decided to also trade in my BMW S1000R as well.

Last month I paid homage to my Iconic as it had been such a great bike, so it seems only fair to see my S1000 off in similar style. I covered 4500 miles in the 8 months I owned it and most of those were on a 2 week trip to the Alps. Here's some photos from that trip.

And that about rounds things up for February, but if you've collected your new bike on March 1st, why not consider spending a few more pounds and get some quality training to match your quality bike.

Safe riding everyone.

Ian S

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