Finally down to the inevitable "how much does it cost?" question. 

When I decided to start Ian Speight Advanced Rider Training, I didn't do it with a big profit in mind, I just wanted to pass on the skills I have gained over the years and help other like minded motorcyclists to improve their riding, whilst at the same time covering fuel and maintenance costs and keeping the tax man happy. 

All prices are based on a 1:1 ratio at £30 per hour, with a minimum booking of 4 hours. For example;

Half day - 4 hours - £120

Full day - 7 hours - £210

You are of course, free to book as many hours and days as you want over and above the minimum 4 hours, either in a block or over a period of time. 

** The Blue Riband Rider Award costs £250. This price includes your training (6 hours), your assessment ride fee (£50) and on successfully passing the assessment, 12 months membership to the BMF and your certificate (£30)**

If you think your riding is already at the required level, you can just take the assessment without any pre assessment training, the cost for this is £80.

All training is usually conducted on a 1:1 basis, however, if you wish to share your training with a friend or partner, I can accommodate this and the charge will be £125 per person/per day. 

*Please note that 2:1 ratios are only carried out when 2 people ask for it and specifically book it. So unless you've booked a 2:1 session, you will not be paired up with someone you don't know or haven't arranged to share your training with.* 

I believe my prices offer some of the best value training in the country. 

If you'd like to book some training or have any questions, then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.