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Almost all post test advanced rider training is based on 'Motorcycle Roadcraft', The Police Riders Handbook. 

Roadcraft represents the highest standard in advanced rider training and is used by all Police Forces and other emergency services. It provides a recognised approach to riding, which puts you in the right place on the road, at the right time, at the correct speed and in the right gear, to deal with all hazards, and used correctly will make you a smoother, more confident and safer rider. 

Training sessions.

All normal training will be on a 1:1 basis, so unless you have specifically booked a shared session, you won't be sharing your training with anyone else,

I will assess your riding, identifying areas for development which we will discuss at various stages throughout the session. The training will be delivered in a relaxed way and you will not be pushed beyond your capabilities. If you have Bluetooth 'comms' on your helmet, we will pair together and if not I will provide a spare unit and ear piece. This means more instruction can be given 'on the move' meaning less stops and more training miles covered.

How many sessions should I book?

It really depends what you want to achieve from your training. I have tried to offer as many different options as I can, as I know everyone's free time is different. Hopefully there's an option to suit you. You can spread your training out over time, or book a 3, 4 or 5 day intensive course. The roads around Yorkshire are fantastic, so we'll never run out of places to ride!

Bespoke Training - just for you.

From experience, I know that some riders either don’t need to, don’t want to, or don’t have the time to go down the structured, set syllabus ‘group’ route, with the aim of passing a test or obtaining a certified qualification. In fact, many of my customers want their training to be tailored to a certain aspect of their own riding, and this is where bespoke training is perfect. There is no set syllabus or set number of hours or days and no test to pass at the end, it is purely tailored to suit your individual needs. This means I can concentrate on giving you the skills that are relevant to you and your riding. So, whether you’ve lost a little bit of confidence with cornering, overtaking, riding in the wet, or just want an honest overall assessment of your riding generally, then bespoke training is perfect for you. Of course, if you later decide that you do want to obtain an advanced qualification, that will not be a problem. 

Blood Biking

Are you looking to volunteer as a Blood Biker? A number of my customers have gone on to be Blood Bikers. Contact your local Blood Bike group, find out which qualification(s) they accept and I can take you to the riding standard required for that test, be it IAM, RoSPA of the Blue Riband Rider Award. It means you don't have to join an IAM or RoSPA group, and take your training when the group dictates, but instead I can tailor your training to suit you, and often get you to test standard in days rather then spread over weeks and sometimes months with an advanced riding group.

Intensive courses.

If you want to reach your goals in the shortest time possible, why not book a 3, 4 or 5 day course. This will take you from the basics, to a test standard, and is perfect for those who enjoy the intensity these courses offer.

If you've never had any previous experience of advanced techniques, the full 5 days would be best suited, and for those with some previous experience, a shorter 3 or 4 day course may suffice. 

Want to take an advanced certified qualification?

The 4 main organisations that offer an insurance industry recognised qualification are:


IAM Roadsmart.

The (DVSA approved) Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS).

The BMF Blue Riband Advanced Rider Award.

Fortunately, as I am a trainer and Examiner for all the above organisations, I know exactly what standard your riding needs to be to prepare you for any of their tests.

New for 2024 - 5 day Enhanced Rider Scheme Instructor Trainers course.

Are you an advanced rider? Would you like to take those skills to the next level and train to become an Instructor/coach? Well, I am pleased to announce a great new partnership with Phoenix Motorcycle Training, to deliver their DVSA accredited ERS Motorcycle Instructor Course. At the time of typing this, I will be one of a very, very small number of Instructors accredited to deliver this course in the north of England. DVSA-accredited ERS Motorcycle Instructor Course (ELCAS Approved) Level 3 Course.

The ERS Motorcycle Instructor Course provides the training to become an Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) Instructor who is recognised by the DVSA. The Enhanced Rider Scheme is designed by The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). It lets motorcyclists have their riding skills checked by a DVSA-approved trainer to help them become safer riders and get more from their motorcycling.

The course covers 5 days and includes everything you need to pass your test on the first try and develop into a quality post-test instructor. This motorcycle instructor course is approved by the DVSA and will enable you to join the Enhanced Rider Scheme Register of Post-Test Motorcycle Trainers.

There are 7 core modules to the ERS motorcycle instructor course, which focus on your ability to train students in a structured approach to riding – understand defensive riding and hazard awareness, progress and use of speed, overtaking and filtering, bends and corners, slow control, and developing the correct rider attitude. The majority of the course material is based on Motorcycle Roadcraft. You will need to obtain a copy of this before the course starts.

The course also covers the delivery of training in many of the 12 extra modules:

  • Effective braking techniques

  • Riding for work: delivery or courier

  • Biker Down and accident scene management

  • Filtering (advanced level)

  • Riding abroad

  • Motorcycle maintenance and machine awareness

  • Motorways and dual carriageways

  • Blood bikers

  • Mobile phones, GPS, sat nav and Bluetooth

  • Carrying a passenger or load

  • Group riding

  • Training in alternative environments

This course is best for:

  • Motorcycle instructors who wish to teach advanced riding courses.

  • Motorcyclists who wish to reach the highest standard of motorcycling skill.

  • Qualified advanced motorcycle instructors who want to join the Enhanced Rider Scheme Register of Post-test Motorcycle Trainers.

  • Motorcyclists who have an advanced motorcycle qualification (IAM, RoSPA, BMF or DIAmond). You will also need to take an advanced theory test.

Where will my advanced rider training take place?

I am based just outside of York, so I am perfectly placed to train on some of the finest roads in the country.

Don't live locally?

Not a problem, York and the surrounding area is littered with hotels and B&Bs, so why not come and have a few days over in 'my neck of the woods', explore the area and have some top quality rider training all at the same time, perfect! 

Please see the 'Prices' page for full details of training costs. 

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