Rather than offering 'courses', I will listen to what you want to achieve and tailor your advanced rider training accordingly.


All advanced rider training is based on 'Roadcraft', The Police Riders Handbook. 

Roadcraft represents the highest standard in advanced rider training and is used by all Police Forces and other emergency services. It provides a recognised approach to riding which puts you in the right place on the road, at the right time, at the correct speed and in the right gear, to deal with all hazards and used correctly will make you a safer, smoother and more confident rider. 

Who is the training aimed at ?

Anyone who holds a full UK motorcycle licence and has a bike capable of reaching and maintaining the national speed limit as all training will be conducted within the posted limits.

You may be new to motorcycling or coming back after a period away from them and want some refresher training. You may be about to start taking a loved one as a pillion passenger and want to reassure them that you are the best rider you can be, for their safety as well as your own.  Maybe you lack a little confidence in a certain area or you may have held your licence for years and years, owned numerous bikes but feel you'd like to have a riding 'health check' for no other reason than 'because you can'. It really doesn't matter and I am happy to discuss all requirements and needs.

How will the training be structured?

When you book with me, we will have a chat about your riding history, what you are looking to achieve from the training and I will answer any questions you have.

A normal training session will start with a pre-ride briefing to give you an outline of the day ahead. Once out on the road, I will assess your riding, identifying areas for development which we will discuss at various stages throughout the day. The session(s) will be relaxed and you will not be pushed beyond your capabilities. 

How many sessions should I book?

It really depends what you want to achieve from your training. If you want a back to biking 'health check', pre-test assessment or just want to see what advanced riding is all about, then I would suggest an initial 4 hour session. After that first session you can decide what you want to do next regards the next booking. 

If you already have some experience of advanced riding and want to have a full refresher session, then just add 1, 2 or 3 more hours and if you want a full on experience then feel free to book as many days as you want, the roads around Yorkshire are fantastic so we wont run out of places to ride!

Where will my advanced rider training take place?

I am based in York, meaning I am perfectly placed to cover large areas of the Yorkshire region, which has some of the finest roads in the country. However, I am happy to discuss other locations should the need arise. Alternatively, why not come and have a few days over in 'my neck of the woods', stay over in any of the numerous hotels and B&Bs and ride some of these great roads. 


As an Examiner and Diploma holder for RoSPA and an Examiner and Masters Distinction holder for the IAM, I am well placed to know exactly what riding standard is required to pass the advanced test. So, if you want to take either organisations test but don't want to go down the 'group route' at 1 lesson a week/fortnight/month or are due a retest and want a pretest assessment please get in touch. 

RoSPA Diploma - Advanced  Motorcycle Instructor Training.

If you already hold an advanced riding qualification and are thinking of taking the RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Motorcycle Instructor Training, I can take you through each element 'the RoSPA way'. It should be noted that the Diploma is aimed at those riders who want to be an Instructor, trainer, Tutor or Observer and want a qualification that recognises their skills.

DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS)

There is now another way to become a better rider and also obtain insurance discounts without needing to take the RoSPA or IAM advanced tests as I am also a qualified DVSA ERS Trainer. For more details check out the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme at


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