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A Look Back at April 2020

I ended my look back at March with the sentence "hopefully my look back at April will have more positives". Unfortunately that's not the case and the UK has now suffered more than 28000 Covid-19 related deaths, a figure that just keeps rising. My thoughts and condolences go out to anyone who's lost a family member, friend or work colleague to this horrendous virus.


Although not Covid-19 related, April did see me being admitted to York hospital for 4 days. Nothing too serious I'm pleased to say and I'm now back home with just a couple of follow up appointments to have and then at some point will need a routine operation but hopefully I'm on the mend. The staff looking after me were amazing and it really came across how serious the whole Covid-19 situation is. I was on the 'safe side' of the hospital but all the staff went to great lengths regards PPE and hygiene.

Of course I had to wear the snazzy combination of green 'scrubs' trousers and white support socks but if I'm honest I can't see it catching on as a fashion statement!


As you would expect, the lock down continues to curtail events. April should have seen me assisting Humberside Police with their first BikeSafe event of the year. I've been involved with BikeSafe for 20 years, both as a Police motorcyclist and now in my 'civilian' capacity on behalf of RoSPA and the IAM. It's a great initiative designed to get motorcyclists to take post test training and hopefully on to them taking their advanced tests.

Here's a photo from one of last years events, somehow my own bike made it to the front!

On the 26th I should have been taking part in 'Ride The Wolds' organised by local RoSPA group East Yorkshire Advanced Riders and Drivers (E-YARD). This would have been the events second year and a chance to build on last years successful inaugural event. Several local motorcycle dealers and related companies were also attending and it was set to be another great day. E-YARD are hoping to run the event later in the year.


Like many of you I signed up to the governments NHS Volunteer Scheme and I also joined various local volunteering groups to try to 'do my bit'. At the moment 'jobs' have been few and far between, which isn't a bad thing and better to have too many than not enough. I did manage one run for the NHS, I went up to Newcastle to bring a parcel back to York. I was amazed how quiet the roads were, at one point there were no other vehicles in front of me on the A1 for as far as the eye could see.


As usual I did manage to pop up in a couple of mags, although by default in the case of RiDE magazine. First off was the Ride 5000 Mile feature in MCN, with members sending in pics of what they've been up to during lock-down and there was me washing the bike, a rare occurrence and then again in the letters section.

And by default with RiDE magazine when I popped up on the 'subscribe' advert.

And that my friends just about rounds up a pretty dreadful April.

I really hope May is a much better month for everyone but in the meantime, please stay safe and please follow the government guidelines. I know we're all champing at the bit to get out and ride so hopefully it won't be long before those restrictions are eased.

Thanks for reading, until next month.......

Ian S

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