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A Look Back at September 2020

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Another very busy month with training, BikeSafe, IAM mentoring, RoSPA tutoring and another bike tour to Scotland!


The 30th of August saw me head off to Scotland on behalf of Motorrad Tours to lead their Highlands and Islands tour. This is a well established and very popular tour that runs twice a year and has done for some time. The tour starts and finishes in Edinburgh and then takes you on a 1500 mile loop of the Highlands.

The tour was fully booked some time ago and I was joined by 13 customers on 11 bikes.

It has to be said that despite the odd shower, we didn't get anything like the forecasted weather and spent more days reducing our layers than adding to them! It was a great tour, we rode fantastic roads and enjoyed some amazing scenery.

For more information about Motorrad Tours and the tours they offer, check out

Here's a few photos from the tour.


Once home from Scotland it was back to training. It's been a great month with lots of customers and a great variety of bikes.

First up was Baz for his 2nd session aboard his Z1000SX. Baz is combining his training with me with sessions with his local RoSPA group.

Baz returned later in the month for his 3rd session, with a subtle change to his SX....can you spot it?....answers on a post card to.......

Baz was followed by Siraj on his Kawasaki 650 and Sid on his R Nine T. The guys are biking buddies and booked a shared day.

Next up was Dave on his GTR1400. Dave successfully completed an Enhanced Rider Scheme assessment and is now looking forward to his next session as he has decided he would like to take the RoSPA advanced test.

Paul returned for his second session but this time left his 1200GS at home and arrived on this beauty! His BMW K1600GTL.

Up next was RoSPA Gold rider Paul on his S1000XR. Pauls triennial test is due shortly so he wanted a pre test assessment and refresher.

Steve was with me on 29th. Steve had a break from biking for 10 years, returning in 2018 when he had his first training day with me. Steve has since covered lots of miles and changed his bike, so decided it was time for a refresher day.

Last but not least is my one and only 'titled' client, Howard (MBE) on his Triumph, who had two sessions in September, the 23rd and again on the 30th.

IAM Masters Mentoring

The Masters test is the IAM's highest qualification and it awards those who are successful, with either a 'Pass' or a 'Distinction'. Two riders had their training with me in September. Ivor trained with me last month and successfully passed his test with a score only 2 marks off a Distinction. Pleased with the pass but slightly disappointed with being so close to the Distinction, Ivor came back for another session and then retook his test on the 22nd and this time........passed with a Distinction! What a great result.

Here's a very happy looking Ivor and his awesome sounding Multistrada

Mark is the other rider currently preparing for his Masters and will hopefully be taking his test in pressure Mark!

RoSPA Training

My local RoSPA group is Advanced Riders North Yorkshire. I've been part of the group since 2013 and their Training Officer since 2015. I don't tutor as often as I'd like these days so it was good to get out with them in September. I paired up Wayne and his Triumph. Wayne is a new member and was having his second session.

After finishing with Wayne, I completed some refresher training with fellow Tutor Chris on his GS1250.


Blood Bikers Mally and Dave had their ERS assessments in September. Mally is an ex police motorcyclist and Dave holds an IAM pass, Both are very good riders and passed the assessment successfully.


BikeSafe returned to the calendar in September and I was pleased to get the call and invited to help deliver the event. It was a great day with 8 candidates in attendance. The observers were a mix of Police riders supported by Observers and Tutors from the IAM and RoSPA. Due to the Covid situation we had to do things slightly differently with outside socially distanced briefings and debriefs, but a great day was had by all. I was paired up with Paul on his Yamaha MT10. Paul is a relatively new rider having only passed his test in 2019 but since then has owned a Vespa, a Harley and now his not much difference in his choices ! lol.

Here's Paul with his MT10, For clarity, his helmet hasn't got ears, it's the poster behind him! My photography skills shining through as always!

As you can see, September was very busy but I did get a day off on Sunday 27th, so there was really only one thing to do, go out on my bike!

I met up with good friend and long time biking buddy Daren and we headed off onto the North York Moors and Howardian Hills around York for a cracking 160 mile day.

30,000 miles.

September saw my GSA pass the 30,000 mile mark, which is pretty good going considering I only bought it in February 2019, which works out at more or less 1600 miles a month. In that time the bike has taken me (or me and Kim) on separate trips to Spain, the south of France, the Alps, Germany, Wales and Scotland (several times). It's also featured in various articles in both MCN and RiDE. Of course it's also my daily 'work bike' and spends most of it's time around the fantastic roads of Yorkshire.

So how has the bike performed? Remarkably well! With just a couple of very minor issues which were both dealt with under warranty by the suppling dealer, Barrie Robson BMW of York. All in all it's a great bike and at the moment I can't see me replacing it with anything other than another GSA.

Here's a few photos from the last 30,000 miles and here's to the next 30,000!

Travel guides

Over the last few months I have been writing short travel guides for the website Mad or Nomad. The website is the brain child of couple Andy Davidson and his partner Alissa. They embarked on a world motorcycle adventure and started Mad or Nomad to chronicle their travels. Their website now includes several travel guides. Please check out their site, it makes for fantastic reading. Obviously I hope you also find the travel guides I've put together of interest.

And that my friends rounds up September 2020, thanks for reading and until next time....

Ian S

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