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A Review of 2022. What a great year!

Can you believe that's another year over and done with? No, me neither! In 2021 Covid was still having an impact on our daily lives so it's great that for the vast majority of people, 2022 was an almost Covid free year and hopefully you had as good a year as I did. Here is my review of 2022, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed putting it together.


Over 40 riders came for training in 2022, with many having multiple sessions. I had riders who had just passed their tests, people coming back to biking after a significant break, people preparing for an advanced test and people who just fancied having a general assessment of their riding. There was also a great spread of ages from 20 years old to riders in their 70s. Here is just a small look at some of those riders.

Jesse came along on his Honda CBR500. Jesse is 20 years old and had only obtained his bike licence a few months prior to his training. For such a young rider, he soon adapted to new techniques and we had a great session.

David (1250GSA) was a rider returning to biking after a 30 year break. David had 4 sessions, during which he completed the DVSA approved Enhanced Rider Scheme.

By his own admission, David was quite nervous at the start, but he was soon refreshing old skills and learning new ones.

Steve (Street Triple) was preparing for his IAM test. Steve is a member of his local IAM group so he was at a good level to start with and we built on those skills, refining and honing. Steve will be back in 2023.

Angela (Versys 1000) has been riding for a few years but felt she lacked a little confidence in certain areas. We tailored her training around those areas and made good progress across her various sessions. Angela is planning to be back in the new year.

Jade (KTM 790) was a relatively new rider and is a member of 2 local RoSPA groups and wanted a little extra help along the way. Jade has since taken her RoSPA test and passed successfully.

Richard (1250GSA) was a customer with a difference, he came from Australia for his training! I kid you not! Richard hadn't owned a bike for 40 years, but decided it was time to get back on 2 wheels, and to ease himself in gently, he booked a 6 week tour around Europe! He and his wife flew into the UK and collected his brand new BMW 1250GSA and then he rode up to York for 2 days of training. Although Richard hadn't had a bike for 40 years, he is a very experienced driver and he was soon getting to grips with Roadcraft techniques. After his 2 days training, he had the bike serviced and then he and his wife headed off in to mainland Europe. 6 weeks later, Richard was back up to York for 2 more sessions, resulting in him successfully completing the Enhanced Rider Scheme. After completing the ERS, Richard headed off to Wales for 2 days at the BMW Off Road School and then back to London to fly back to Australia. Richard intends to be back in the UK in 2023 and has already been in touch to book some more training.


There's a theory that all 'advanced' riders are old, bearded and emblazoned in hi viz, Well, as you can see, that's not the case! It really doesn't matter if you're male or female, young or not so young, a new rider, or have years of riding experience, there is always something to learn or refresh.

Bikes used.

So what bikes did customers use for their training?.....lots of different ones!

The vast majority of riders were on BMWs, but as they're the biggest seller of large capacity motorcycles, that's no great surprise. Here's a break down of bikes used by customers in 2022.

BMW (19) - 400x scooter, 1200/1250GS/GSA/RS/RT x 13, F800GT x 3, S1000R x 2.

Honda (6) - CB1000R, CBR500, Crossrunner, Africa Twin x 2 and an NC750.

KTM (4) - 390, 790, 1050 and 1300SD GT.

Triumph (4) - Street Triple x2, 800 Adv, 1200 Trophy.

Kawasaki (3) - 650 Versys, Z1000Sx, Versys 1000.

Yamaha (3) - Tracer 900GT x2, 700 Tenere.

Ducati (1) - Monster.

Suzuki (1) - 1250 Bandit.

As you can see, that's a great mix of makes, models and styles, so the bike you ride is not a barrier to stop you taking some training.

Rider Development Weekend - Scotland.

May saw me run the second Rider Development Weekend. Myself and fellow BMF Examiner Alf and 6 customers headed off for 3 days of training. Despite some typically Scottish weather, we still had a great weekend with 4 of the 6 attendees taking their BMF Blue Riband Rider Award on the final day. The other 2 riders already hold the qualification so went along for some refresher training.

From left to right - Pete (700 Tenere), Alex (F800GT), Alf (BMF Examiner - 1250GSA), Daren (R1200GS), Gareth (F750GS), Me (Versys 1000), Steve (R1250GSA) and Paul (F800GT)

Motorcycle Examiner - tests conducted.

As some of you know, I am an Examiner for RoSPA and the BMF. I have been a RoSPA examiner for almost 10 years, having been appointed in 2013.

RoSPA - 11 tests - It wasn't as busy as some previous years but I did conduct 11 RoSPA tests. These had mixed results but the best news is that only one person failed and he came back a few weeks later and got a Gold!

BMF - 6 tests - 2022 was my first year with the BMF and I'm really enjoying the role of Region 2 Chief Instructor/Examiner. I conducted 6 BMF Blue Riband Rider Award tests in 2022 with all candidates passing successfully.

Diamond - Only 1 test conducted for Diamond but it was a successful pass for the candidate. I hope to work with Diamond more in 2023.

Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS).

As a DVSA accredited and registered ERS trainer, it was great to guide 12 customers through the ERS in 2022. The ERS is a great stepping stone to further advanced qualifications.

RoSPA Group - Advanced Riders North Yorkshire.

As well as my own training and testing, I also work with my local RoSPA group in my role as an Advanced Tutor/Diploma holder to deliver training to associates. I have been with the group since 2013 and was group Training Officer until 2021 when I stepped down after 6 years in post. I had a great year with the group and look forward to being part of it again in 2023.


I've been involved with BikeSafe since 2000 when I was a Police Motorcyclist, so it's something close to my heart and I'm proud to still be associated with it. BikeSafe is a national scheme run by several Police forces around the country. The aim is to make motorcycle riders aware of the importance and value of taking post-test training. BikeSafe workshops involve an observed ride with a Police graded motorcyclist or approved observer. During 2022 I assisted Humberside Police to deliver 3 workshops and I will be working with them again in 2023.

Here's a few photos from those events.

Humberside - at my first event I was out with Liam on his Yamaha cruiser and Rich on his Fireblade. Another example of how 2 very different machines can be used for the same training.

On this occasion I was allocated attendee Alan on his Versys 1000 and also Malcolm on his marked Police RT. Malcolm is an ex Police Officer who now works as a driver trainer but has also recently obtained his Police Class 1 advanced motorcycle qualification. It was Malcolms first BikeSafe, so whilst I was assessing Alan, Malcolm was shadowing and observing how I delivered briefings and debriefs so that Malcolm can be an observer for future events.

In May I was paired with Sean on his 600 Thundercat.

Lincolnshire BikeSafe.

As well as the Humberside events, I also observed at a large event held at Lincolnshire Police Headquarters and organised by the Lincs Road Safety Partnership. There was over 30 observers and around 100 candidates. It was a great day, but boy it was a bit fresh first thing, in fact, the April morning started with me clearing frost from my seat...brrr!

Car park's filling up.

Briefing time.

First up was Ian on his XSR900.

Followed by William on his Harley.

Motorrad Tours.

I have been with Motorrad Tours as a Tour Leader since 2016 and in 2022 I was due to lead 3 tours, unfortunately, I tested positive for Covid just a few days before the 3rd tour (Motorrad days in Germany) so had to pull out at last minute. Gutted!

However, I did lead 2 fantastic tours to Scotland. The weather was mostly kind for both tours with only the odd shower, but definitely more dry than wet for the majority. The first was in May and were customers/friends of Barrie Robson BMW of York and covered around 1500 miles over 6 days. Here's a few photos from that tour.

In September I headed back to Scotland for the second tour. This was for 8 riders who all knew each other and had flown in from around the world, making this a truly international tour!

Two great tours and I look forward to working with Motorrad Tours again in 2023.

My Bikes.

I started the year with the Versys 1000 and BMW S1000R and ended it with an Africa Twin Adventure Sports and the same S1000R. However, I also managed to squeeze in a 750 X-ADV and a Goldwing! Read on for full details.

Versys 1000 - I bought the Versys in October 2021 and traded it in in October 2022 for a Honda Goldwing (see below). I covered 8927 miles on the Versys and although it had some great qualities, in all honesty, I never really loved it. I could never quite get the suspension right, (despite several attempts) I didn't like the dash, the panniers were an odd shape and the cruise control was 'lazy' to engage. Overall a good bike and very well priced against the competition, which is why I bought it in the first place, and I know there are lots of very happy owners.

Honda X-ADV - I had been fancying a 'big scoot' for a few years and having tried a couple of other makes and models, I visited Miles Kingsport in Hull and got a great deal on a new X-ADV. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that bike, it surpassed all my expectations. In August I even left my Versys and S1000 at home and went to the Alps on it with long term biking buddy Daren - who also left his 1200GS at home to go on his own X-ADV. In the relatively short time I owned it, I managed to rack up 3476 miles.

Heading off to catch the ferry.

In October I got the opportunity to scratch another itch when I traded in the X-ADV and Versys 1000 for a Honda Goldwing Tour!

Honda Goldwing - I'll not dwell on my short term ownership as it has been recently documented in my November blog but I got the Goldwing in October and had great expectations, which unfortunately didn't materialise and I traded it in in November for an Africa Twin Adventure Sports. Although I only owned the Goldwing for around 5 weeks, I still covered 1365 miles on it and whilst I acknowledge there are thousands of very happy Goldwing owners out there and it is an 'iconic' motorcycle, I can't say I really enjoyed any of those 1365 miles. Hey ho, you don't know, if you don't try and at least I can look back at my biking life and say I owned one.

Africa Twin Adventure Sports 1100 (ATAS) - As you've just read, in November I traded in the Goldwing and bought a new ATAS 1100. At the time of typing this, I have covered 635 miles on it, so it's had it's 600 miles service and I am really getting a feel for it. It's the 6 speed manual version rather than the DCT and there's lots to like. It's very comfortable, the suspension hasn't needed any adjusting or tweaking at all so far and I like the dash lay out and the info it provides. I added metal Honda panniers which seem quite sturdy but aren't massive and their shape prevents you from getting a helmet in them. However, in the new year I intend to buy a 58 litre top box which I am assured will take 2 full face helmets. Only negative so far is the cruise control. For some reason Honda decided that you don't need cruise control at less then 30mph or in less than 4th gear. Why?!

BMW S1000R - I've owned over 60 bikes and rarely get 'attached' to them, but the S1000R really is a bike with a difference, I absolutely love it!! It's my 3rd S1000R, I had a new gen 1 (identical to my current one) in 2016 and then a new gen 2 in 2018. I never quite liked the gen 2 as much as the gen 1. When the gen 3 first came out, I was lucky to spend half a day on one (thanks to Kev at Barrie Robson BMW) and it was phenomenal. I really liked all the up grades, especially the TFT dash, but as a '2nd' bike, a new gen 3 was out of my financial reach. Fortunately in late 2021, a gen 1 came up for sale in Barrie Robson BMW of York and I snapped it up. It had only covered 7400 miles from new (2016) when I bought it and it's currently at around 13500. I used it to go to Wales in March for the annual Motorrad Tours training weekend, for my training throughout the year and fun rides in the countryside. It never fails to impress or leave a massive grin on my face. This photo was taken in Wales on the 'Black Mountain', Brecon Beacons during the Motorrad Tours training weekend in March 2022.

So, will I ever sell it? Well, gen 1 prices seem to be holding up well and the price of gen 3s are coming down, slowly but surely.....but have you seen the new M1000R? OMG!!!

2022 Mileage.

So with all this riding, what sort of mileage have I managed to cover in 2022. I never keep an exact record of yearly mileages so these would be my best guestimates. Some more accurate then others.

Honda X-ADV - I bought and sold the bike this year so the mileage is more or less spot on - 3476 miles

Honda Gold Wing - another bike bought and sold this year - 1360 miles.

Kawasaki Versys 1000 - picked it up new in October 2021 and covered just shy of 9000 miles on it, so my guess would be that I covered around 2500 until the end of 2021 and then in 2022 - 6500 miles.

BMW S1000R - bought used in Nov 2021 with 7400 miles on it. I would estimate I would have covered around 1600 miles up to the end of 2021. The bike is now showing 13820, so lets call 2022 miles 4800.

Africa Twin Adventure Sports - bought new in November and now showing 670 miles.

Motorrad Tours - tour mileage.

I had a R1250GS for both Scotland tours, albeit a different bike each time. On the first tour I covered more or less 1700 miles. On the second tour, which was a slightly longer tour, I covered around 2200 miles.

So, by my reckoning (not that maths was ever my strong point!) my grand total for 2022 stands at around 20706 miles.


My FB page continues to grow, as of today I have 1328 'likes and followers', which is bloody fantastic, thank you for your continued to support, it really is very much appreciated.


I joined Instagram at the start of 2022 but in all honesty I haven't posted much on it. As a result, I have a whole 58 followers. I promise to try harder in 2023!


Thank you to every one who has trained with me in 2022. I love that so many people train and become friends as a result, it's one of the many things I love about doing what I do. I look forward to building further friendships and enjoying 2023.

Also, a big thank you to Barrie Robson BMW of York and Miles Kingsport Honda of Hull for their continued support.


As the saying goes, behind every good man is a great woman, and I'm no different! Special thanks to my amazing wife Kim, who 'allows' me to do all that I do. Ride off into Europe for Motorrad Tours 3 times a year, have an annual bike tour with my mate Daren, not to mention, training weekends for Motorrad Tours and my own Rider Development Weekends, BikeSafe events plus all the other 'stuff' I get up to throughout the year and all the different bikes I get through! She really is the best.

Wishing you all the very best for 2023.

Ian and Kim S

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Jan 03, 2023

Hi Ian, Happy New Year! An interesting read as usual; out of interest, what didn't you like about the Crosstourer? I bought one last year when I discovered Honda had discontinued their V4's in Europe, I love the configuration (had 5 VFR800fi's plus an original VF750f), I rode one in 2012 and didn't want to miss the opportunity of owning one before they disappeared altogether. Cheers, Iain

Jan 04, 2023
Replying to

You're right about the tyres, I too have had a couple of 'moments' so I've just ordered a pair of Road 6's for mine. I hope you continue to gel with the AT, see you out on the road sometime. Cheers, Iain


Jan 03, 2023

Love the monthly reports. Kim sounds like a keeper 🤣

Happy New Year to you both

Ian Speight
Ian Speight
Jan 03, 2023
Replying to

Cheers John, and HNY to you and yours.

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