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A (very brief!) Look Back at November 2020

Hi, I hope you are all well and looking after yourselves during lockdown 2. As I type this, lockdown has ended but obviously some of you may still be subject to the strictest tier 3 restrictions. Hopefully with the vaccine on it's way, 6 months from now the world will be a different place.

As some of you will remember, I ended October in York hospital having my gallbladder removed which meant no riding for 4 weeks and then the lockdown kicked in so no riding at all in November! This has resulted in a very brief 'Look back'!

So what did I get up to in November? Well, in no particular order let's start with this;

Action camera

I've been toying with the idea of getting an action camera for a while and the obvious choice always seems to be GoPro, but they're quite expensive and I had no idea if I'd like it or whether it would end up back in the cupboard after a few weeks. This prompted me to start looking at what alternatives are out there.

Now before I go any further, what you need to understand is that I am a complete technophobe! But I started researching the net, watching You Tube reviews and looking at my options. One make that kept cropping up was the Crosstour range. The CT9900 always compared well against the GoPro so I decided to take the plunge and buy one.

The camera records in 4K at either 60 or 30fps as well as 1080 and 720 options. It has stabilisation and comes with 2 ready charged batteries, water proof case, remote control unit and a host of other fittings and accessories. You can also down load an app and wifi your footage straight to your phone. The only thing you have to buy is an SD card up to 128gb and away you go! Well I say "away you go" I haven't actually gone anywhere yet! The cost of all this tech, just £79.99 but I got a £25 'black Friday' discount. Once I've tried it I'll give a bit more of a review. Here's a few photos of the camera, but for full details go to;

So, what else have I been up to?

DVSA Enhanced rider scheme.

I have been invited into some discussions with other DVSA accredited instructors around the country about a potential exciting new venture, not my idea, but very pleased to be invited to be part of it. More news in the new year as plans develop.


Over the winter months I'm usually responsible for training new tutors for my local RoSPA group - Advanced Riders North Yorkshire, however this year we are fully staffed on the tutor front so my attention has been on creating a radio training syllabus for the current tutor team. The training documents are now finished and I will start to roll out the training to the Advanced Tutors in the coming weeks. The ATs will then cascade the training throughout the rest of the group tutors.

IAM Roadsmart

As an Examiner and Masters Mentor I 'attended' 2 Zoom meetings in November, as we prepare for training and examining to restart. There's also a new computer system for us all to get our heads around which I'm really looking forward to...not!

Motorcycle News

In October I submitted a review to MCN for a future feature on winter gloves, my gloves of choice being these Richa Arctic. It wasn't quite the 'spread' I'd anticipated, but at least I made the cut and got a mention.

Motorrad Tours 2021

I am pleased to continue my association with Motorrad Tours and will again be leading tours for them in 2021, subject to Covid of course. More details next month of the tours I'll be leading and also details of an exciting new aspect to what they'll be offering next year.


My FB page continues to grow, with 1061 followers and likes as of November. Thanks again to all that support me and the page. Please feel free to share my page far and wide at every opportunity.....please!

Finally - Op recovery.

Thanks for all the 'get well' messages, all very much appreciated. Recovery is going well, no hiccups and all scars continue to heel well. My Kim looked after me like the trooper she is and her patience lasted almost 48 hours!! Just kidding, she's a star really and always has my best interests at heart, I'd be lost without her.

And that sums up a fairly sparse November. Next month is the yearly review and a look at what 2021 has in store.

Thanks for reading.

Ian S

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