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April 2022 - Training, RoSPA Examining, Bikesafe Observing and frosty mornings!

April 2022, when we had all 4 seasons in one month....unbelievable!

Yes, we had torrential rain, spring like sunshine, the years warmest day so far, interspersed with some ice and snow! The thermals have been on and off more times then I don't know what. Fortunately, the weather didn't hamper things too much and the month ended on a high weather wise. So here's what I got up to in April.


Steve kicked off Aprils training on his R1250GS with his second session as he works towards an advanced qualification and backed it up with another session later in the month.

Next up was Paul on his F800GT. Paul has had several sessions over the last 12 months and as a result has successfully obtained 2 advanced qualifications. However, he is always looking for continued personal development with his riding.

After using my Verysy 1000 with Steve and Paul, the S1000R came out when Russ came for training on his S1000R. Russ is back to biking after a 6 year break and what a great bike to choose to ease himself back into it!

April saw me have my first truly international customer! Richard came over from Australia and had 2 days back to back training. (with 2 more booked for July). Richard landed in the UK, picked up his new R1250GSA, rode it up to York and away we went! OK, so he didn't come to England JUST for my training and is here as a wider European holiday with his wife. Two cracking days that fortunately stayed dry.

Jason was up next on his Africa Twin DCT, which gave me a great reason to use my new Honda X-ADV 750 as it has the same DCT gearbox. Jason had 2 sessions in April and managed to achieve, not 1 but 2 qualifications as a result! (See below) Jason was also able to offer me some tips on the versatility of the DCT gearbox and take me through the various modes and manual options available.

James on his NC750 is a returning customer who passed the Enhanced Rider Scheme with me in 2021. James is now on his IAM journey but wanted some extra input to run along side his group training sessions. Two further sessions already in the diary.

Ian came for his second session with me and this time he was on his new CB1000R. Last session he was riding he Z900 but fancied a change and I must say that this all black CB1000 looked fab. As Ian was on his super naked, I brought mine along for good measure. Ian has further sessions booked and has already ticked 1 qualification off the list (see below).

Steve finished off the month on his newly acquired Z1000SX. It was Steves third session with me and like Ian and Jason, also obtained a qualification. (see below)

Enhanced Rider Scheme passes.

Congratulations to Jason (Africa twin), Ian (CB1000R) and Steve (Z1000SX) who all successfully completed the DVSA approved ERS. The ERS is a great stepping stone to further advanced qualifications, as Jason proved the next day!

BMF Blue Riband Rider Award

The day after Jason completed the ERS, he met up with fellow BMF Examiner Alf, and successfully passed the BMF award. Here's Alf giving Jason a congratulatory hand shake, and the all important BMF badge!

RoSPA Examiner duties.

Three tests conducted in April. First up was John on his R1200RT. John put in a really good ride and passed successfully with a silver pass.

Next up was Lee on his S1000R. Another good ride which also resulted in a silver pass.

And last but not least was Chris on his Ducati Hyperstrada, who also passed successfully with a Silver.

Many congratulations go to all 3 and thanks also for giving their permission to post their photos and results and also giving me the opportunity to use my 3 different bikes.

Lincolnshire Biker Breakfast.

On the opening weekend of April, I assisted Lincolnshire Police and Road safety Team with their Biker Breakfast BikeSafe event. It was an early start that was met with frosty seats, meaning thermals most definitely on!

Fortunately the weather picked up and over 150 candidates attended for their assessed rides. My first candidate was William on his Harley.

Followed by Ian on his XSR900.

Despite the frosty start, it was a great event that had over 40 observers helping with the assessments who were representing the likes of RoSPA, the IAM and ERS.

Rider Development candidates meeting.

On the 26th I met up with fellow Instructor Alf and the 6 candidates for the next months Rider Development Weekend. This will be the second weekend I've run and if it's as successful as last years, there'll be another in September. After meeting at The Motorist for initial introductions over a brew, we had a short social ride over to the NY500 Cafe, near Pickering.

Everyone together - from L to R - Pete (700 Tenere), Alex (F800GT), Paul (F800GT), Daren (X-ADV), Gareth (750GS), Instructor Alf (1250GSA), Steve (1250GSA) and me (X-ADV).

Tour bike.

On 28th, I made the 300 mile round trip to collect my tour bike for next months Motorrad Tours/Barrie Robson Scotland tour. My bike for the tour is an R1250GS Triple Black.

The tour starts on the 4th and ends on the 9th and covers around 1250 miles.

Looking forward to seeing how I get in with the GS after 4500 miles on my Versys. Full update next month.

Weekend to Scotland to 'recci' routes for the Rider Development Weekend.

Kim and I went up to the borders in April to check out a hotel and some routes/cafes for next months RDW. There's so many great roads around the borders and although the weather was on the chilly side, it did stay dry and we had a really enjoyable few days.

Bike updates.

Versys - After last months 3rd visit back to 5-Ways, it appears they have now cured the issues with the cruise control and brake light. I've now covered approximately 4500 miles since getting it last September and although it's not perfect, it is growing on me. A bit of a slow burner.

S1000R - The S Thou' continues to run without any issues and has been totally trouble free over the 2000 miles I've done on it so far. I love that bike, it puts a MASSIVE grin on my face every time I ride it!

X-ADV - The Honda is now nearing it's first service mileage. I have to say, it's so much better then I could ever have imagined and puts nearly as big a grin on my face as my S1000 does, all be it for different reasons. Once it's had it's 600 mile service I will start to use it more and intend to do a European tour on it in August.

Facebook - 1300 Likes - Thank you!

I'm humbled to see my Facebook 'likes' pass 1300 in April. Thanks to everyone who continues to support me, it's much appreciated.

My bikes - Honda CB900.

Last month I told you about my Honda CX Turbo, well that was traded in for a Honda CB900. I got the bike from Wath on Dearne, I can't remember the name of the dealers, possible DC Cooks?? I swapped the seat for a 2/4, changed the rear shocks for Marzocchis and put a 4 into 1 pipe on it, which sounded ace. After a few months I bought a CB1100R tank, seat and fairing kit for it. Unfortunately, shortly after fitting it all, I damaged the fairing so took it off and continued to ride it around like a 'street fighter'. Sadly, I don't have any photos of it like that.

Here's how it looked when I bought it.

Here it is with the different seat, shocks and pipe.

And here it is, with it's CB1100R replica kit fitted. You didn't get the mirrors with the bike and the genuine Honda ones were very expensive. After much searching, I found some that were nearly identical....they were off an Austin Metro!

And just for good measure, here's me at the tender age of 18 or 19, sat on the bike at Carnaby Raceway, which was an old airfield circuit near Bridlington. Note the full safety ware.....wafer thin nylon jacket and 'normal' jeans with Ashman boots and folded over white socks. At least my lower legs and feet would have been ok!

I still have a big soft spot for CB900s and will at some point buy one as a classic. The CB was traded in for a GPZ1100, more on that next month.

And that my friends, rounds off April. Thanks for reading and ride safe.

Ian S

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