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Joyous June! BMF, BikeSafe and back to full time training.

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

After my two fantastic Motorrad-Tours trips to Scotland in May, it was back to normal on the training front in June and what a great month it was, with the usual mix of bikes, riders and personalities.


Mick kicked things off on his Triumph 1050 Sport. Mick wanted to get to RoSPA test standard but not go down the group route which can be a lengthy process, so instead he pre booked his test and then booked 5 days with me to get him ready for it. Read on for his test result.

Stuart came for his second session, this time riding his GSA (last month he was on his Africa Twin). Stuart already holds a RoSPA qualification having had training with me in 2019 but decided to come for a couple of refresher sessions.

Andy on his GSA came for his second session in June and has already booked his third.

Tom followed on from Andy. It was Toms second session after being given a training gift voucher for his birthday.....what a great gift!!

Andy was up next on his 1200RT for his second session and for this session we incorporated some slow speed training with the help of Keith at Anchor Motorbike Training in Dewsbury. We started the training in York and made our way to Dewsbury where we put Andy through the basics of slow speed control using Keiths bikes before Andy swapped to his own RT.

Here's Andy getting some practice in while his RT waits patiently for its turn round the cones.

Tim was up next on his 1200 Tenere for the first of three sessions in June. Tim is a CBT instructor and wants to add an advanced qualification to his CV. I'll update you with his result once he has taken his test.

In between Tims sessions came Nigel on his 1250RT. Nigel had very changeable weather for his first session but took it all in his stride and has booked a second session.

Rob was next on his Triumph Bonneville.......but I forgot to get a photo! Sorry Rob, I promise to get one during your next session.

Paul came on his 800Gt for the first of three booked sessions. Paul rode bikes 'years ago' but recently came back to biking and wanted to make sure he was still riding safely and also wanted to know about advanced techniques and the Enhanced Rider Scheme. Great first session.

Last but not least was Gareth on his F750GS. Gareth had his first session with me last year and is now back for more and he'll be back again next month.

Customer Test Passes

I mentioned Mick earlier, well I'm very pleased to say that having completed his training, a couple of days later he successfully passed his RoSPA test with a very creditable Silver pass grade.

BMF Assessment

Nick came for some training a few months ago, resulting in him passing the DVSA approved Enhanced Rider Scheme assessment and not wanting to rest on his laurels, he was back in June to take the BMF Blue Riband Rider Award. Nick is an experienced car and HGV driver but is a relative newbie to bikes, having only obtained his full licence in 2020. I'm pleased to say that Nick successfully passed the BMF assessment and is now looking to take further training to add a RoSPA or IAM test pass to his growing list of qualifications.

BMF Instructor Assessments

As part of my role as Regional Chief Instructor/Assessor, I not only carry out assessments on riders wanting to complete the Blue Riband Rider Award like Nick but also on those riders who want to become a BMF Instructor Assessor themselves. These riders usually work for, or with, an approved training body or may be an independent trainer like me.

In June I carried out such an assessment on Colin on his 1200GS.

Colin is an experienced rider, teaches CBT and holds IAM and RoSPA test passes and is also a RoSPA Advanced Tutor.

The Instructor assessment consists of a 1 hour observed ride and then a role play where I take the role of the student and Colin has to brief me, follow me, assess my ride and then debrief me. Obviously, I 'throw in' a few rider errors which Colin very skilfully spotted and debriefed accordingly. This all resulted in a successful pass for Colin.

RoSPA Examiner duties.

Only one RoSPA test to conduct in June but it was with a slight difference, the bike!

This is Dave and his Harley Davidson Breakout CVO. Dave did all his training with my RoSPA group but I never tutored him, so I really didn't know what to expect given how 'extreme' his bike is compared to a 'normal' bike. Fortunately, I needn't have worried and Dave gave a great display of advanced riding, resulting in me awarding him a Gold pass grade.


In May, customer Neil was pictured on his first shift as a volunteer for White Knights Yorkshire Blood Bikes. Well in June it was his friend and neighbour, Tonys turn to have his first shift with White Knights. Tony took his training with Neil and on completion successfully passed his RoSPA test at Gold standard. Here is Tony about to start his first shift as a volunteer.

It's really great to see customers not only improve their riding but also use those new skills to help others. Great work guys.


In June I was very pleased to be back assisting Humberside Police to deliver their BikeSafe events. Ten candidates from around the area took part with 3 police motorcyclists and 7 volunteer riders (representing RoSPA, the IAM and the BMF) carrying out the observer roles.

I was paired up with Steve on his Triumph 800. We headed over the bridge and into Lincs for his observed ride before returning to Melton. A great day and one I always thoroughly enjoy.

Obviously social distancing had to be applied so we made full use of the car park to complete the debriefs.

It's not all work....

Although busy, it's not quite 7 days a week and of course I do get down time, so what else did I get up to in June?

BMW S1000R

As some of you may know, I've owned 2 S1000Rs in the past. A 2016 bike and then a 2018 bike, so when the excellent guys at Barrie Robson BMW in York invited to try the latest version, I was down there like a shot!

The new bike has had a subtle makeover and in my humble opinion looks more aggressive than previous models, while still clearly being an S1000R.

The inline 4 cylinder engine makes 165BHP and is super smooth. the throttle is light and engine (as you can imagine) is fantastically responsive. The bike feels really light and nimble and the brakes pin sharp. The dash configuration has 3 different options, one of which offers 'lean angle' information> If I'm honest I'm not sure thats a good thing as I would imagine it would/could encourage you to always be trying to beat your last angle of dangle.....and we all know how that could end up!

I really enjoyed the ride and have already been counting the pennies but of course, the model/colour configuration I'd really like happens to also be the most expensive!!

Here are a few photos from my all too short a ride.

On the more mundane front, with a few days between training, I also took the opportunity to wash and re waterproof my riding kit. I use Nik Wax products and so far, the results have been favourable. Of course, it does mean hanging your 'smalls' on the line!

K1600 - Tyres

It was also maintenance time for the big K16 as it required new tyres. The bike came with a pair of brand new Bridgestone BT023GTs fitted. Those had been a good set but I wanted to replace them with Michelin Pilot Road 5Gts but I was informed they are no longer a recommended fitment and the PR4s were on back order, so I opted for another set of BTo23GTs. The first set lasted 5200 miles. They weren't down to the wear markers and I'm sure most owners would have kept them on a while longer but I decided to err on the side of caution given I'm out in all weathers. Tyres were supplied and fitted by Steve Sirrell Tyres at Scholes.

And finally.....

I recently had a conversation about photoshop with my mate Terry. Terry works for the NHS and is an ex bike paramedic but also a budding photographer and said photoshopping was easy and he would send me an example of what can easily be achieved. If I'm honest, I should have known better but here it is anyway..... thanks Terry!

And on that note, that completes another monthly round up.

Thanks as always to everyone who trains with me, sends enquiries or just likes and shares what I get up to and of course Kim who continues to put with me on a daily basis.

Until next time, ride safe

Ian S

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