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Marvellous May; Tours, training and test passes.

After such an excellent April, it was always going to be difficult for May to beat it but I needn't have worried because with the UK easing it's Covid restriction's, it meant I was able to lead motorcycle tours again on behalf of Motorrad Tours, in fact not 1 but 2 tours in May! Of course I was also training and also enjoying seeing customers progress with their riding development through test passes, assessments and volunteer Blood Biking.

Motorrad Tours

Covid caused lots of tours to be cancelled last year and continues to affect this years calendar, so I was very pleased to get the green light for 2 separate tours to Scotland in May. Both tours were for customers/friends etc of BMW Motorrad dealers. The first was Bowker BMW at Preston and the second for my local dealer Barrie Robson BMW in York.

Scotland is a fantastic place to visit on a bike, with amazing scenery and some unbelievable roads but like everything bike related, the weather can make or break a trip and it's fair to say the forecast for both tours was less than appealing but somehow we managed to miss more or less all the rain on both trips....what a result!

Here's a montage of photos from both tours, in no particular order.


Due to my tours to Scotland, I didn't get started with training until the 19th when Dale kicked things off on his 950 Multistrada. Dale wanted a few pointers before heading off to Scotland with a group of mates. Having seen his photos, it looks like they had a great time.

Next up was Tim on his Yamaha XT1200. Tim is just starting out as a bike instructor and wants to obtain an advanced test pass to add to his CBT/DAS CV. This was his first of 4 sessions he will be having over the coming weeks.

Danny followed on from Tim on his Honda CB500. Danny travelled down from Stirling in Scotland (yes from Scotland!) for his training, camping overnight before his session. Fortunately Danny said he'd really enjoyed it and it was well worth the travelling! Thanks Danny.

Stuart finished off the month on his Africa Twin. Stuart trained with me in 2019 and went on to pass his RoSPA test in August of that year but following the various lockdowns, he decided it was time for a couple of refresher sessions so Stuart will be back again next month.

Customer test passes.

Bonneville riding Howard (MBE) passed his Enhanced Rider Scheme in May. Howard had some training with me last year but like most riders, lockdown and the winter months slowed his intended progress. However, Howard kicked his season off with a BikeSafe day with North Yorkshire Police in April and decided it was time for a refresher with me and to complete his ERS at the same time. It was a day of very changeable weather conditions but Howard dealt with it all in his stride displaying a good mix of progress and restraint and passed his assessment successfully, so he can now add ERS to his tally of letters. Well done Howard, MBE ERS!

Friends Tony and Neil came for training in April, both wanting to pass an advanced test so they could become volunteer blood bikers and you may remember that Neil took and passed his RoSPA test a few days after finishing his training, obtaining a Gold. Well, whilst I was away in Scotland I received a message from Tony to say that he had taken and passed his test and also obtained a Gold! A fantastic result, well done Tony.

Blood Biker Neil.

As mentioned above, Neil and Tony wanted to pass their advanced tests to become Blood Bikers, well Neil has now been accepted to White Knights Yorkshire Blood Bikes and here he is after completing his first shift as a volunteer.

RoSPA Examiner duties.

Only one test conducted in May, with Andy on his GSA. Andy is a member of my local RoSPA group, Advanced Riders North Yorkshire and passed successfully with a Silver grade, which considering he only obtained his full motorcycle licence 2 years ago is a great achievement. (Test result and details posted with Andys consent - many thanks)

K1600 update.

In March, I traded in my GSA for a K1600 Sport and so far I've managed to cover around 3,500 miles but after spending nearly 3000 miles on a 1250GS for the 2 Scotland tours, I wasn't sure how the K16 would feel after the comparatively light weight and nimbleness of the GS. Fortunately I needn't have worried as within a few miles of getting back on the Big K I was thoroughly enjoying its prowess. In fact, having now decided I will definitely be keeping it, I thought I'd have it 'stickered up'. I contacted M4UK Ltd who did the pannier graphics on my previous GSA and asked them to produce some for the K16. I'm really pleased with the results.....and here it is, all fitted and hopefully doing a great job of advertising what I do as I ride around the area. If you see me out and about (and you'll struggle to miss me!) please come and say hello.

Thanks to M4 UK Ltd producing and fitting the graphics'.

And that rounds up a Marvellous May.

As we speak the June diary is full and has been for several weeks and looks like being my busiest month for training ever! So a big thanks to everyone who continues to support me either through actual bookings and training or just by following and commenting on my FB page, it really does mean a lot.

Until next time.

Ian S

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