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November 2023 - Great news! DVSA accredited Instructor Training course now available.

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Are you an advanced rider? Do you want to become a DVSA approved post test trainer? Would you like to be able to deliver the DVSA approved Enhanced Rider Scheme? Then read on.

Are you an advanced rider? Would you like to take those skills to the next level and train to become a motorcycle Instructor/coach? Well, I am pleased to announce a great new relationship with Phoenix Motorcycle Training Ltd, to deliver their DVSA accredited Enhanced Rider Scheme Motorcycle Instructor Course. This course has previously only been available in the south of England, so it's great to bring it to the north and opens it up to a larger geographical area for riders in the north of England and Scotland's, who wish to move their skills to a new level, without having to travel to the other end of the country.

The ERS Motorcycle Instructor Course provides the training to become an Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) Instructor who is recognised by the DVSA.

The Enhanced Rider Scheme is designed by The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). It lets motorcyclists have their riding skills checked by a DVSA-approved trainer to help them become safer riders and get more from their motorcycling.

The course covers 5 days and includes everything you need to develop into a quality post-test instructor. There are 7 core modules to the ERS Motorcycle Instructor course, which focus on a your ability to train students in a structured approach to riding. To understand defensive riding and hazard awareness, progress and use of speed, overtaking and filtering, bends and corners, slow control, and developing the correct rider attitude. The majority of the course material is based on Motorcycle Roadcraft. You will need to obtain a copy of this before the course starts.

The course also covers the delivery of training in many of the 12 extra modules:

  • Effective braking techniques

  • Riding for work: delivery or courier

  • Biker Down and accident scene management

  • Filtering (advanced level)

  • Riding abroad

  • Motorcycle maintenance and machine awareness

  • Motorways and dual carriageways

  • Blood bikers

  • Mobile phones, GPS, sat nav and Bluetooth

  • Carrying a passenger or load

  • Group riding

  • Training in alternative environments

This course is best for:

  • Motorcycle instructors who wish to teach/instruct/coach advanced riding courses.

  • Motorcyclists who wish to reach the highest standard of motorcycling skill.

  • Advanced motorcycle instructors who want to become ERS Trainers

  • Motorcyclists who have an advanced motorcycle qualification (IAM, RoSPA, BMF or DIAmond). You will also need to take an advanced theory test.

I want to thank Mark Jaffe at Phoenix Motorcycle Training Ltd for all the effort that he has put in to getting me on board and making this happen and I look forward to delivering this course in the future. For more info, go to;


Stuart is already a RoSPA Gold rider and came along for some 'winter' training. We expected rain but it never came. However, Stuart still had to contend with a plethora of changeable road conditions and surfaces, some dry, some damp, some standing water, some muddy, some covered in fallen wet leaves.....and all dealt with with great aplomb. It's all about forward observation, anticipation, early planning, smooth changes of position, smooth gear changes, and gentle use of the brakes and the throttle. Cracking session.

RoSPA Examiner duties.

2 RoSPA tests conducted in November. First up was Pete on his Suzuki 650Vstrom. Weather conditions were changeable but Pete rode really well and passed successfully.

Mark on his 1250GSA was up next. Another great ride in wet and damp conditions and another successful pass, obtaining a Gold grade.

RoSPA - Advanced Riders North Yorkshire.

My local RoSPA group have now entered our 'winter training' period. For some groups, this means no training at all through the winter months, or maybe once a month. So, what do we do? Just start 30 minutes later than in the summer! Obviously, if the temps are too low and there's a risk of snow and/or ice, we cancel, but I've been involved with ARNY for 10 years and we don't cancel very often. Here's a few photos from various Saturdays throughout November, and as you can see, they were very well attended.

They didn't know I was taking a photo, hence no one looking at the camera!

Great mix of bikes.

Paired up and briefings in full swing.

Final bike checks and getting ready for the off.

For more info on my local RoSPA group, go to

IAM Examiner duties.

As well as the 2 RoSPA tests I conducted in November, I also conducted an IAM test. Merick was the candidate riding his Honda 700 Deauville. Despite the gusting winds, very low sun and low temperature, I'm pleased to say that Merick put in a good ride and passed successfully.


As reported last month, I have now completed the process of joining the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service as a volunteer FireBike rider. The team were hoping to be on the road on the 'new' bikes by now, but a slight hiccup has delayed getting the bikes on the road. Here's what they'll look like, so keep an eye out for us riding the bikes around the region and come and say hello.....subject to the weather of course!

Social rides.

Despite the wet and cold, I had a great social ride in November with some fellow RoSPA Tutors. We met just outside of York and headed up onto the North York Moors. Unfortunately, despite my meticulous planning, we arrived at the planned lunch stop to find it was closed! Bugger! Oh well, a short ride later we arrived at the excellent Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge. A fab lunch was consumed and we headed back to York. Roads were filthy and temps struggled to get into double figures, but a great time was had by all, followed by some bike cleaning!! Thanks to Dave A, Steve, Paul, Simon and Dave T for joining me and braving the elements.

Motorrad Tours 2024.

I've been asked by a few people about what tours I will be leading next year and I was hoping to be able to tell you this month, but we're not quite there yet with who's doing what and going where. I will know more in the coming days and will update everyone via FB initially and on next months blog.

NEC - Motorcycle Live.

On Wednesday 22nd I went to the bike show at the NEC to drool over all the new bikes. The show seemed much busier than previous years with lots of visitors on all the stands. Obviously I popped on to the BMW stand, where I had a catch up with the Motorrad Tours team, who were busy talking tours, tours and more tours! The BMW Motorrad guys and girls were busy putting on shows and displays in the arena and showing off all the new models such as the 1300GS, new 900 and XR to name but a few. The Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha stands were all very busy and even the likes of CFMOTO, Norton, BSA and Fantic were getting lots of attention. I was really looking forward to seeing the new Ducati Multistrada V4 RS, but it wasn't there, or if it was, I didn't see it. Neither was there a Pikes Peak....or if there was I couldn't see that either! Overall, I really enjoyed it. My favourite bike was the new BMW M1000XR....although if that Multistrada V4 RS had been there, it would have been a close call! Here's a few photos from the day.

M1000XR and M1000RR

ZX10 in 'throwback' to the 90s livery.

Another great colour scheme.

Not a massive fan of Nortons, but this was a thing of beauty.

New Honda CBR.

Suzukis new S1000GX, their first tall rounder. Will it give the updated XR a run for it's money?

Another beautifully engineered bike by British bike firm Langen.

My BMW 1250GS Adventure.

Mileage this month - 536

Total mileage so far on the GSA - 10343

Total mileage so far for the year - approx 20340.

Despite getting out for training, testing and a good social ride, Novembers mileage was relatively low. It did however, see my GSA pass the 10,000 mile mark.

Next service isn't due until 12000 miles and the tyres, which were changed at 5500 miles, seem to be lasting well, with very little 'squaring off' or loss of grip. This time of year certainly throws up some less than ideal road conditions, meaning most rides result in the bike needing a clean, which, as many of you know, isn't my favourite pastime!

And that my friends, rounds off November 2023, until next month, ride safe everyone.

Ian S

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