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October 2022 - Training, testing and a new Goldwing!

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Yes, October saw me take delivery of a new Honda Goldwing, but more on that later, first up lets have a look at what else I got up to last month.


Another great month of training, with another great mix of riders and bikes.

First up was Tom on his Crossrunner 800 for his 3rd session with me. Tom previously took and passed the BMF Blue Riband Rider Award and is now looking to take the RoSPA advanced bike test. He's back again next month.

Next up was Chris on his KTM 390 Adventure. Chris was after a back to biking refresher after a 12 year break from riding.

David on his 1250GSA followed on from Chris. Like Chris, David is back to biking after a substantial break....this time, 30 years. David had 3 sessions in October and he was also the first customer I trained with using my new Goldwing. I'm pleased to say all went well. David will be back again in November.

Bryan was up next on his R1250RT. Bryan is David's brother (GSA above) and is a lifelong biker, however, he felt it was time for a refresher and have his first experience of advanced training. Bryan had 2 sessions in October, with the second resulting in him successfully completing the Enhanced Rider Scheme. Bryan assures me he will be back again in the new year.

Steve decided it was time for a refresher on his Tiger 800 as it's been a while since his last advanced course, in fact it was 40 years ago! Steve only came back to biking last year after a very substantial break and during his training successfully completed the Enhanced Rider Scheme. Steve will be back again next month.

John came along for his first session on his Street Triple. John has been training with his local IAM group but wanted a fresh pair of eyes to view his riding. Next session already booked.

Gerry finished the month off on his Tracer 900GT. Another relatively new rider looking to enhanced his skills and gain more confidence.

Customer test passes.

Alex contacted me on the 18th to tell me he had taken and passed his RoSPA advanced bike test. Alex completed the Enhanced Rider Scheme with me last year and then took and passed his BMF Blue Riband Rider Award.

Robin (750GS) also got in touch to inform me he had also passed his RoSPA advanced biked test, achieving a Gold pass grade. Great to see customers continue their advanced riding journey.

Examiner duties.

Only one test conducted in October and that was with Stuart on his 1250RT. It wasn't ideal weather conditions to conduct a test, heavy rain, windy, standing water, but Stuart is an experienced rider with some good training under his belt and took it all in his stride to come away with a successful pass at Gold grade.

RoSPA Tutoring.

I managed to attended 3 sessions in October with my local RoSPA group and the weather was kind for the first 2 but not so kind for the 3rd! However, all 3 sessions were well attended. I was paired up with Lee on his 850GS Adventure and here's some of the other group associates and tutors.

Pre ride briefings.....and a bit of putting the world to rights.

Getting kitted up and ready to head out.


In September I was in Scotland leading a tour on behalf of Motorrad Tours. Many photos were taken and I submitted one of them to MCN for one of their weekly features, and guess what? They published it! None of the guys on the tour live in the UK, so I let them know and they were well chuffed. Here's the original and the article.

Later in the month I managed to get the Goldwing mentioned in the same weekly feature.

Social rides.

With Octobers weather staying relatively mild, in between training, I managed a couple of social rides. The first was on the Goldwing and I was joined by Lee (Tuono 660), Paul (F800GT), Steve (Tiger 800) and Brian (R1200RS) and we headed up to Olivers Mount cafe at Scarborough. It was beautiful sunny day and it was a thoroughly enjoyable 100 miles.

The second was on my S1000R and this time I was joined by Andy (1000 Vstrom) and Nigel (R1250GS) and we headed inland to the Manor Farm Café at Bellerby. Two very enjoyable days out.

My Bikes.

Honda Goldwing Tour - As you can see from this months title, I have bought a new Honda Goldwing! The model was heavily revised in 2018, shedding lots of weight and having a complete make over. I was never really a fan of the previous versions but as soon as I saw the 'new one' back in 2018, I really liked it. It had a minor update in 2020 when the top box capacity was increased and the back rest 'angle' relaxed to add to the pillion comfort. I'm sure there were other tweaks but that was the main things as far as I'm aware.

I'd gone to Miles Kingsport in Hull with Kim to have a demo ride on their NT1100, but Kim seemed more interested in the Goldwings they had in the showroom. We rode the NT and to be fair, it wasn't bad, but neither of us were blown away and on our return to the showroom Kim was back looking at the Goldwings. After a brief discussion with MD Andy, a ride on their DCT Goldwing demonstrator was arranged.

Collecting the Goldwing Tour DCT demonstrator from Miles Kingsport.

We had the demonstrator for 2 days and really liked it. Kim declared it the most secure she'd every felt on a motorbike!

I retuned the bike and after discussing figures and part ex prices, a deal was done. The Versys and X-ADV would be part exchanged for the Goldwing and I would keep my S1000R. The deal is over 3 years and includes 3 years warranty, 3 years European breakdown cover and 3 years servicing, so hopefully the Goldwing won't cost an arm and a leg to look after.

Here's the bike being delivered by Steve from Miles Kingsport on Friday 7th.

It's a tight squeeze, but they got it in!

After unloading the Goldwing and then loading up my Versys and X-ADV, Steve talked me through all the buttons, gizmos and tech. He then handed me the owners booklet and spare keys.....but this isn't just any owners booklet and spare keys, this is a Honda Goldwing owners booklet and keys, presented not in a paper folder or plastic wallet, but in the Honda Goldwing owners presentation box......and here it is.

With bikes loaded, paperwork completed, and buttons explained, it was time for Steve to be on his way, all that was left to do was the obligatory delivery 'hand shake' photo.

The next day, Kim and I had our first ride on the bike. We did a 170 mile loop and although there were many good points, we both felt there was quite a lot of wind turbulence, not something we particularly felt on the demo bike we had the weekend before. This resulted in some 'Goldwing turbulence' googling and an alternative Puig screen was purchased. The screen came a few days later (in a huge box!) and was fitted the same afternoon. The screen is taller and wider and has resulted in less wind buffeting and turbulence but hasn't cured it completely. I will leave it on through November and if I'm not happy I'll will try another screen, this time from Givi.

The Puig screen delivered in a HUGE (Kappa?) box.

Although not lined up exactly together, you can see the difference between the standard screen and Puig screen.

On the 20th the bike was back at Miles Kingsport for it's 600 mile service. It wasn't a particularly nice day but any hope of getting home before the really heavy rain hit, was soon lost and down it came.....and there was a lot of it! Oh well, you can't have it warm and dry all the time I suppose.

At the time of typing this I've now covered 1200 miles. I've used the bike for some training sessions, social rides and just general 'getting a feel for it' rides. The jury's still out on the Puig screen, but it'll stay for on for now. Feed back from friends and customers has been positive but the real test is when Kim and I manage to get away on it for a few days.

Of course, now I've got one, everyone wants one, here's another Miles's customer having his Goldwing delivered the day after I got mine. You may recognise him.......

Versys 1000 - As you now know, the Versys has gone, and in all honesty, I wasn't sad to part with it. I had it more or less 12 months to the day and covered 9000 miles on it, so I think I gave it a fair crack of the whip, Maybe after 2 GSAs and the recent GS I had for Septembers Scotland tour, it was just too much for the Versys to live up to. If you've got a Versys and you're happy with it, then that's great but personally, I just never quite jelled with it. It isn't a bad bike, far from it, but just not the bike for me.

X-ADV - Now, where I wasn't too sad to part with the Versys, I was very sad to part with the X-ADV. The bike impressed from day 1 and when I went to the Alps on it, I had a right laugh from start to finish. Unfortunately, the X-ADV had to go to fund the Goldwing but I feel sure I will have another at some point in the future. If you've never ridden one, I seriously suggest you try one, or any other 'big scoot' for that matter.

S1000R - The S1000R is staying, and it continues to thrill on every ride, I think I can honestly say it's in the top 5 of the best bikes I've ever owned. I've had it a year on November 6th so it was in for MOT at the end of October and I'm pleased to say it sailed through. I note from the mileage that I managed just over 5000 miles since getting it. I really like the gen 1, I like it better then the gen 2 I owned and even better then the gen 3 I had for a day when they were first released. However, it could be under threat, because have you seen the new BMW M1000R?! O.M.G. It looks fantastic and BMW have certainly pulled out all the stops when you read through the spec this space, but don't tell Kim or I will be in soooo much trouble!

Previous bikes - Kawasaki ZXR750 - 1993.

In January 1993, I wondered into 5-Ways Motorcycles in Hull and fell head over hells in love with this Kawasaki ZXR750. The colour of the bike, along with the black wheels, frame and swing arm was just, wow!....and in a flash, the FJ1200 was traded in. The colour scheme only lasted 1 year and was so different to any of the earlier models, which were black and purple or Kawasaki green. The bike was awesome....except for the suspension, which was the hardest I've ever experienced on any bike I've ever ridden, then or since! When you were on a very smooth road, the bike was sublime, but on poorly surfaced roads it was a real bone shaker. I remember the dials being quite small and the numbers hard see, made worse by the harsh suspension shaking your eyeballs in their sockets! I still look at this photo and remember how I felt the first time I saw it in the showroom and how fantastic I thought the bike was.

A brand new, cutting edge, supersport 750 for only £5807.....those were the days!

I had one summer on the Kawasaki and despite it's looks, I just couldn't live with the bone shaking suspension, so in October 1993, I traded it in for a Yamaha pink....yes pink!....more on that next month.

Thanks for reading, until next month, stay safe everyone.

Ian S

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Nov 27, 2022

Well Mr Speight, bang goes my Goldwing ride! I now understand why you work so hard.....Best wishes, Mr C

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